Based on years of experience with the drill of our clients and subsequently placed on the 4-5 star ships in cooperation with various training centers for marine and catering courses is pleased to welcome on any open courses to expand our experience and knowledge to increase your qualifications and skills.
Our trainers have personal experience from management positions and in management of the river and ocean-going ships.

We participated at projects of training ships, audits of river cruise ships and establishments on land, and have helped to develop experience and knowledge not only students but also at higher management positions of a successful career growth for many clients.

Courses on which you can participate, see the Application form here.

  • Nautical courses (Slovakia, Hungary, Germany)
  • Bartending course with the Vice Champion of the World (52 international drinks)
  • Carving course
  • Hotel Manager (specialization in operational use of river cruise ships)
  • Receptionist / Assistant (Administrative and time management skills)
  • Customer Services
  • Body language
  • Cooking basics in the box
  • Waiter from A to Z
  • Chambermaid / Cabinstewardess for 5 ✭
  • Maitre d'Hôtel
  • Supervisor
  • Social etiquette and good manners
  • Successful Job Interview
  • Pohotoshop and Illustrator basics
  • Basic PC skills - Word, Excel, Powerpoint

We also prepare special courses tailored to individual operations, quality of staff skills and employers' requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us for personal meeting.


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Maritime School in Bratislava is educational establishment providing training for operational level in deck and engine departments. Future maritime officers get theoretical education at school which is followed by practical training at the sea.
The school was founded as result of a long-year´s activity of the maritime training centre of the Tatra Marine s.r.o.


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We provide consultancy services and training in the field of maritime safety. The services are provided by professional consultants and instructors with a proven track-record in the maritime industry. We are internationally oriented and provide our services also in English and German. Safety advice and safety precautions are supplied and implemented in close collaboration with the inspecting services.


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To have responsibility for people, technology, and cost - it requires more than just training. In our maritime school, we have a team of 12 sailors and trainers who teach you and your future employees the knowledge and appropriate skills to enable them to safe handling on board.


skills academy

Viking Recruitment’s new training division, The Maritime Skills Academy, offers a portfolio of MCA accredited short courses and is an Approved English Marlins Testing Centre.
Currently running are a number of STCW training courses within Viking House, using our on-site fire ground to meet the growing maritime needs.

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